My Story

My Story

I feel obligated to share my joys & experiences. Not many people have been blessed to sing alongside as many renowned musicians as I have.

I’ve been lucky to be welcomed into both the commercial and classical worlds, and they have both afforded me venues to use my voice to express the most vital corners of my soul. To find your purpose through art is one of the greatest gifts you can receive. And to be able to do that in front of thousands of music lovers, live or over the airwaves, is a surreal experience. It’s funny… my classical cronies are impressed to hear my stories of packed rock gigs at the House Blues and national touring festivals like Warped Tour, and my rock buddies ask to hear my stories of Disney Hall performances with the LA Phil. To be honest, I’m impressed to be there too. Sometimes, I look around and think, how did I get here? How did I get lucky enough to live the dream, to find a home in music?

I’ve been luckier than most. I’ve had GREAT mentors who have always pushed me forward and shared their wisdom freely with me. Part of the classical musician's central goal is to educate. That’s a value I carry into my Rock projects and production studio. Work smarter, not harder. Take the needed skills, create art, teach others how to do the same thing, and move forward together to live happier, more productive lives filled with purpose. I have come to be known as one of the top musical mentors & Artist Development Experts on the west coast. A behind-the-scenes “Diva of Dream Building,” with the skills to push artists to the next level. The “Ace up the Sleeve” of many of today's working talents.

In my award-winning studio, I spend time coaching the young voices and faces of today's hottest TV shows.

My students have been seen on ABC, Nickelodeon, and the Disney Channel, but I still have a soft spot for up-and-comers in the indie music world. Having written and performed my own music for decades, I not only lived the collegiate experience of the elite classical performer (singing for presidents and world leaders) but also the dingy road of the Rock musician. I’ve showed up one night to a packed stadium full of fans and then showed up another, thousands of miles from home, to play for 5 people in a coffee shop.

Music has brought me to nearly every continent and introduced me to some of the most talented and diverse people you can imagine.

I feel compelled to share these experiences with those around me so that they may develop the vision, the “salt” and the skills to persevere. I am, above all, an artist & creator. I am living the dream: helping people like you to find their voice and write their songs, as we turn raw emotion into art.

Each one of us has a story: our truth. Being an artist is about finding ourselves, our song, and expressing it publicly, so that we may heal and grow. It doesn’t take a ton of experience to write a hit song.

It doesn’t take a fancy education or a family line of talent (though it can help). We can all find our voice and our place in the spotlight. What it takes is the courage to take the next step forward. You’ve already had the genius to be in the right place at the right time: here. If you’ve made it this far, chances are you are smart enough, hungry enough, and ready to take the plunge. Each one of us has a story, our truth. Being an artist is about finding ourselves, our song and expressing it publicly so that we may heal, so that we may grow.

Inside my studio you will find the help you seek. I can impart you with proven techniques to strengthen your sound, strategies to share your art and help you develop a plan to turn pipe dreams into reality.
Some desire to sing on the world's brightest stages, others strive to lead others through teaching, themselves, and some wish for nothing more than to experience music in a confident manner, among friends. All can be lead on this personal journey of the artistic soul and all can make their offerings to the musical gods. There is a place at the table for anyone seeking an answer.

About me


  • Owner

    BugByte School Of Music

  • Vocalist

    Donald Brinegar Singers

  • Owner

    BugByte Studios

  • Producer

    San Diego IndieFest


  • BM, Vocal Performance


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  • English

    Fluent / Native Proficiency

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    Limited Proficiency


  • Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM)



  • Forte Award

    California Music Studios

  • Best Local Recording

    Los Angeles Music Awards

  • Best New Artist Collaboration

    LA Music Awards

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Ear Training

Music Theory

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Music Therapy

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Opera Voice

Audio Engineering


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