Singing Lessons

We, at BugByte, believe music, especially singing, is for EVERYONE.

From the newbie ‘in the shower only’ singer that wants to gain more ability to the ‘on stage’ professional looking to further perfect their craft we’ve got you covered.

Rock, pop, country, jazz, gospel, theatre, rapper, R&B singer or cross genre multi-vocalist we have the right voice teachers for you!

James M

James M

“Francesca is a gifted teacher. She has a unique method of teaching. She explains her philosophy of teaching before she begins so the students understand what she is trying to accomplish.”

Encouraging, Caring Musical Instruction & Production

Our fearless Queen Bee Francesca Valle has been teaching all levels of vocalists for 17 years.


Voice and Instrument Coaching, Song Writing and Selection, Demo Recording.

Voice & Instrument Coaching

Develop skills and techniques for top notch practice and performance.


Francesca takes a limited number of priority based speech clients.

Production and Recording

With access to three studios and our state-of-the-art and vintage gear.

Here Is What You Will Get

  • Artist Development
  • Performance Skill & Technique
  • Voice and Instrument Coaching
  • Vocal Health and Efficiency
  • Access to three studios and our state-of-the-art and vintage gear